The Whole Truth

July 1, 2018
A desperate woman reaches out to Jesus in faith & is healed - without Jesus lifting a finger. How are we called to notice those in need to offer healing?

Everything Is Sacred

June 24, 2018
In the midst of sharing, we find sacred moments of Godly care, a care that we are called to give to all parts of God's creative world.


June 17, 2018
This time of year is one of great transition.  Our Scripture is a transition point for Jesus' life. How do we mark & bless these moments in our lives?

Holy Humor

June 10, 2018
We lift up Terry Ebner's ministry as a way to discover who God is calling us to be in this next moment.

Unlawful But Just

June 3, 2018
Jesus asks whether the Sabbath was made for people, or people for the sabbath. Alex preaches on becoming "Holy Troublemakers." Listen to the sermon here Listen to the preacher reflect…

The Waterwheel

May 27, 2018
How does God invite us die to our old ways of living so that we might be born into greater compassion, love, and awareness? Listen to the sermon here Listen…